Bob Dawson

Bob Dawson

Born in Dartmouth, NS, Bob Dawson excelled in baseball, basketball and hockey. 

On the latter, he attended Saint Mary’s University in Halifax in 1967 and became the “first black” to play in the Atlantic Intercollegiate Hockey League. During a game in 1970 against Mount Allison University at Sackville, NB, he along with Darrell Maxwell and Percy Paris played together to become the “first and only all-black line” in Canadian university hockey.

While living in Ottawa since 1980, Bob has, among other things, worked with community groups/organizations such as the National Capital Alliance on Race Relations and the Ottawa-Carleton Police Advisory Committee. In recognition of his work in the area of race relations and police-community relations, he received a Civilian Citation and Community Service Award from the Police Services Boards for the cities of Gloucester and Ottawa.

In February 2012, the Black Ice Hockey and Sports Hall of Fame Society in Dartmouth, NS recognized Bob for his achievements in and contributions to hockey.

As a senior sports writer for Boxscore World Sportswire, Bob has written numerous articles on blacks in various sports, especially hockey. He also has appeared on local TV and radio shows to talk about issues on blacks and hockey. In January 2015, Black History Ottawa presented Bob with the John G. Dennison Award for excellence in the study, preservation and promotion of Canadian black history and heritage.


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