10 Sep 2017

Terry McMillan's "I Almost Forgot About You" Proves It's Never Too Late To Start Over

Terry McMillan’s I Almost Forgot About You tells the story of Dr. Georgia Young, a successful optometrist, mother and grandmother, and a two-time divorcee.

While she has a great life, wonderful friends and family, and a beautiful home, Georgia finds herself feeling unfulfilled and stuck in a rut.

When news that an old boyfriend has passed away rocks Georgia to her core, she begins to question almost every decision she’s ever made – including her career as an optometrist. It sends her on a wild journey of self-discovery, and Georgia is eager to make some major life changes, including quitting her successful practice, selling her home, finally embracing her untapped creative skills, and exploring a totally different career path.

In order to reconcile with her past, Georgia starts her journey by attempting to reach out to some of the men that left an impact on her life – from past boyfriends and lovers to her ex-husbands. While the goal is to make them understand what they each meant to her, this exploration forces Georgia to reflect on her decisions – both good and bad – within these relationships. The journey takes an unexpected turn, and she must consider forgiving these men, and herself.

The reader follows Georgia’s story of courage and self-discovery through its many twists and turns. Each character in the story, from her family to her colleagues, is relatable, as are many aspects of Georgia’s personal journey.

Most of all, Georgia’s story raises many questions we don’t always allow ourselves to consider. What if you’re already successful, but not living your dream? What would it mean follow your dreams and live the life you were truly meant to live? Can you really find true love in your later years? For readers uncertain they’re living their best lives, Georgia’s story gives permission to think about what it would really mean to press the “reset” button and start all over.

Rating – 4/5

Written by: Akilah Dressekie

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