23 Aug 2013

Akwantu: the Journey | now available on DVD

Akwantu: the Journey documents the struggle for freedom of the Maroons of Jamaica, formerly enslaved Africans, who were able to flee the plantations and slave ships to form communities in some of the most inhospitable regions of the island.

Poorly armed and outgunned, these brave warriors engaged the mighty British Empire over an 80-year period and were victorious.

As a result, two peace treaties were signed in 1738/39 that established Maroon self-government for the first time in Jamaica.

Nowhere else in the New World had Africans enjoyed such a degree of autonomy, coming almost sixty years before the Haitian Revolution, and more than one hundred years before the Emancipation Proclamation that ended slavery in the United States.

“A really engaging chronicle of a man’s journey back to his lineage.  Amazing facts (and footage) of Jamaica and the history of the Maroons…  A must see!"

- Melissa Toney, Film Enthusiast

“A very personal story that opens up into a significant historical journey. Best wishes!”

- June Givanni, Film Curator

“Informative, moving and funny in places. Fascinating history in a personal journey.”

- Maxine Watson, Commissioner of Documentaries for BBC

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