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29 Jan 2015

Selwyn Jacob: An Educator through Film

Written by

Selwyn Jacob's teachable spirit is the driving force behind his films. Growing up in Trinidad & Tobago and then moving to Alberta in 1968, he always loved watching movies, documentaries and television shows.

28 Dec 2014

Degrassi Star Andrea Lewis Finds New Spotlight On YouTube

Written by

Many remember Andrea Lewis as Hazel from the famous Canadian show ‘Degrassi’ and others fell in love with her as Hillary Duff’s best friend in the movie ‘Cadet Kelly’.

16 Dec 2014

Guilty By Identity

Written by

Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice: the names of four Black males that are now the faces of a cry for change.

04 Dec 2014

Black Men Loving: Toronto Filmmaker Puts Spotlight On Fathers

Written by

Film Title: Black Men Loving | Filmmaker:Ella Cooper | Length: 29 mins 

29 Oct 2014

Black Dox: TV Contractor Goes Beyond The ToolBelt: "I Want To Build Happiness"

Written by

Featured Subject: Contractor Nick Jardine, On-camera Expert 

11 Oct 2014

Black Dox: "Race, like gender and fabric is a form of camouflage"

Written by

Title of Featured Project: Mary and Susanna

26 Sep 2014

[REVIEW] 'Black-ish' is Racist

Written by

Black-ish is a new comedy that is designed to offer us commentary on post-racial America.

20 Sep 2014

Black Dox: Canadian Friends Remember William Greaves - An Outsider Who Brought Soul

Written by

For this Black Dox entry, documentary filmmaker Nicole Franklin pays tribute to her friend Bill Greaves, a temporary Canadian resident who changed the game.

04 Sep 2014

Black Dox: Father Figure

Written by

Father Figure – Exploring Alternate Notions of Black Fatherhood

19 Aug 2014

Black Dox: Gideon's Army

Written by

Black Dox with Nicole Franklin. A bi-monthly series of articles introducing documentary releases from filmmakers of the African Diaspora.

07 Aug 2014

Black Dox: Positive Women: Exposing Injustice

Written by

Black Dox with Nicole Franklin A bi-monthly series introducing documentary releases from filmmakers of the African Diaspora.

17 Jul 2014

Black Dox: Little Black School House

Written by

The Little Black School House unearths the little known story of the women, men and children who studied and taught at Canada's racially segregated Black schools.

26 Jun 2014

Everyone Matters on Orange is the New Black!

Written by

Season two of Netflix’s runaway hit, Orange is the New Black does not disappoint the binge-watcher in all of us.

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