Eating Dynamiks and Therapy

Registered Dietitian: Sylvia has been a Registered Dietitian with the College of Dietitians of Ontario since 1998. Over the years her varied dietetic experience has included working in hospitals with a psychiatric and a paediatric team as well as within Diabetes Management and Eating Disorders treatment programs. (BSW) Bachelor of Social Work: Her privileged role working in various hospitals across the GTA as a Registered Dietitian, allowed Sylvia to come to recognize that we eat (or don’t eat) for reasons other than to address our physiological need for nutrition. With mounting curiosity, Sylvia enrolled in the York University Bachelors of Social Work program and formally began her journey of gaining insight in the other dynamics that drive human hunger. She graduated from York University in 2005. (MSW, RSW) Psychotherapy: In 2006 Sylvia earned a Masters Degree from the prestigious Wilfrid Laurier University, Masters of Social Work (MSW) Advanced Standings program. Her eight months of practical psychotherapy training was completed at the Hospital for Sick Children. This theoretical and practical training prepared her well for her current role assisting children and adults with the management of sadness, depression, anxiety, fears, feelings of being stuck, grief & loss as well as other transition stages in life. Mind and Body Integration Multi-talented and currently full-time in her private practice, Sylvia continues to assist clients in resolving general psychiatric issues and eating challenges both seperately or as part of an integrated approach; as she did for over a decade while working in various teaching hospitals in the downtown and Greater Toronto Areas. Professional Memberships >College of Dietitians of Ontario >College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers >Dietitians of Canada >Ontario Association of Social Workers
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