30 Nov 2017

ByBlacks.com wins Innovation Award from Canadian Ethnic Media Association

The Canadian Ethnic Media association celebrated its 39th Annual Canadian Ethnic Media Association Awards Gala for Journalistic Excellence on Friday Nov. 24, 2017 with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh giving the keynote address.

Mr. Singh spoke of the importance of having diverse voices represented in media, and lauded CEMA for their commitment to diversity over the decades.

Among 7 other awardees, online magazine ByBlacks.com emerged as the Innovation Winner.

The Innovation Award showcases organizations that demonstrate innovation and excellence in Canadian Ethnic Journalism. It is a unique award for outstanding contribution to diverse, fair and equitable coverage and representation of Canada’s citizenry.

One of the judges, Madeline Ziniak said the decision to award ByBlacks.com was unanimous among the 5 member judging panel. One of the judges Averill Maroun described ByBlacks.com as a robust engine full of content that is relevant not just to the black community but to anyone.

In accepting the award, ByBlacks.com publisher Roger Dundas recalled the magazine’s early days.

“In 2013 we applied for funding from a government agency. The gentleman who reviewed our application told us this concept would never work, because Black people don’t support each other. Well sir, you were wrong. Today we are the top ranked online magazine that is focused on the Black Canadian community.”

Camille Dundas, the editor in chief also spoke when receiving the award saying, “One of our most successful innovative projects was the #BlackHistory365 campaign where we posted one story per day for ONE year about Black Canadian history, NOT American history. Someone even recognized their great great grandparents in one of our posts.

To date we have published nearly 2 thousand articles and had nearly 100 writers contribute to our content.

Many of those writers have gone from being complete novices to starting their own blog and even finding jobs in mainstream media.

Thank you to every single person who has made ByBlacks what it is today. Our writers, team members, our advertisers and most of all our readers."

ByBlacks.com is looking forward to celebrating it's 5th year in business with a special event in February 2018.

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