01 Aug 2019

Toronto's Mayor Proclaims August 'Emancipation Month' Featured

Emancipation Month will recognize the struggle for human rights made by Canadians of African descent and the legal abolishment of slavery in Canada, 185 years ago. The month presents itself as an opportunity to reflect on a dark past, educate others on the impacts of slavery and celebrate a path forward.

Beyond that, the city will acknowledge the many rich contributions Canadians of African descent have made to our city in making it a better place for everyone. Reached via email, Mayor John Tory told ByBlacks, "I'm proud to officially proclaim the entire month of August as Emancipation month. This will help ensure that all Torontonians have multiple opportunities during the coming weeks to join Toronto's Black communities in honouring this important tradition."
The City of Toronto in partnership with the Confronting Anti-Black Racism unit will host and support a series of events throughout the month of August to commemorate the abolition of slavery in Canada. To find out more please visit: https://www.toronto.ca/community-people/get-involved/community/confronting-anti-black-racism/. 
During the month, Torontonians are encouraged to participate in these various events that aim to raise awareness around the existence of slavery and recognize its abolishment.
“Emancipation Day is important to the Black communities in Toronto and in our country – it recognizes a dark chapter that lies within our history, and one that requires proper acknowledgement and recognition,” said Tory. “I encourage residents to participate in the events to learn more about the history of slavery and its impacts on our city, our country and most importantly our residents.”
You can watch the Mayor’s full Emancipation Month video message by clicking here.

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