02 May 2014

REPORTS: Rescue Mission Planned For Nigerian Schoolgirls

Local Nigerian newspapers are reporting there is a military rescue operation planned.

The Nigerian Army will reportedly storm Sambisa Forest with about four battalions this weekend to secure the abducted students.

Police in Nigeria say the number of schoolgirls who have been kidnapped stands at 276 -- 30 more than the last estimate.   The girls were abducted on April 14th by Islamic extremists who have staged a series of raids in northern Nigeria in recent years.

A military source says four different battalions of the Nigerian Army have been moved to the forest and are taking positions in and around all the access routes into and outside the Sambisa forest where the girls have been confirmed to be holed up with the Boko Haram terrorist group.

The source says, "Soldiers have been positioned in the North, South, East and West of the Sambisa forest so that when the troops move in from all the angles, there will be no escape route for the terrorists.”

Air Force fighter aircraft, helicopter gunships and Police surveillance helicopters will also carry out round the clock missions to ensure the success of the operation. Many parents are feeling this action is too little too late; it has been reported that a majority of the girls were taken to neighbouring countries Chad and Cameroon.

The military source says the government is putting every available resource into the rescue mission. He says night vision equipment, specially trained counter terrorist units, anti bomb discovery units, the K 9 Dog units of the Army and the Police, the landmines unit of the army and other specialised units of other security agencies are all involved in the operation.

As for Boko Haram, they are not backing down. The group is highly suspected to be responsible for another bus station bombing in Abuja overnight. 19 people were killed and dozens more injured. It's the same area where the terrorist group set off a bomb at a busy station that killed at least 70 people on April 14th.

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