25 Jun 2014

5 Years Later: Remembering Michael Jackson

A cemetery in Southern California will be a meeting place for Michael Jackson fans today, on the fifth anniversary of his death.

Fans will also be flocking to his childhood home as well as to the pop star's Hollywood Walk of Fame. Tributes and concerts will be taking place across the world. Five years after his death, MJ fans are still mourning, while his estate attempts to fill the void with a new album, and even a hologram performance at the 2014 Billboard Awards.

Since his death, Jackson's estate has earned more than $600 million. That's enough to wipe out the mountainous debt he was facing in 2009 when he died of a propofol overdose. The most recent posthumous album Xscape, made its debut at number two on the music charts. And the travelling Cirque de Soleil show based on his music is a huge financial success. His children Prince, 17, Paris, 16, and Blanket, 12, now enjoy an allowance of $8 million a year.

But who is remembering Michael Jackson, the man?

Recently two of his former bodyguards published a book called Remember The Time, where they recount painful memories of Michael's personal and financial decline. But it is the co-author of this book, Tanner Colby who gives the most revealing insight to one of the most misunderstood icons of our time.

"Humans are storytellers. It is our nature to shape facts into a narrative. Jackson’s narrative, driven by the tabloids and adopted by nearly everyone, was that of a boy genius who morphed into a weirdo and a freak and possibly a criminal. That’s the only story we know, and to date no satisfactory counternarrative has emerged to replace it. The allegations against him have long been proved false, but they haven’t been replaced by a more compelling truth. And that’s the problem. Absent a new truth, people remain free to say whatever they want about him. Depending on what day of the week it is, Jackson is either a serial pedophile or a virginal man-child-or, somehow, both. Michael Jackson deserves a more honest accounting of his life. He deserves to have his story told properly. As we look back on his death at the five-year mark, we would do well to reconsider everything we think we know about him."

Read the entire article here in Slate Magazine. It's a fantastic piece of writing.

Meanwhile, we'll all be remembering MJ the best way we know how, through the incredible lasting legacy of music he gifted to the world.  

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