07 Aug 2017

How To Tell A Legit Online Casino From A Bogus One

Online slots like www.allslotscasino.com or any of the other well known online casino sites are now just as popular as traditional casinos. Here are some tips to keep your money safe online.

Play only at licensed casinos
You should never play online slots at an unregulated online casino. Just like there are legitimate land-based casinos, any casino on the Internet must also go through a rigorous vetting process, before being granted a license to operate. For instance, a casino like All Slots Casino that accepts players from Canada is authorized and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. Then there are others who’ve obtained licenses from different jurisdictions.

The online casino should have eCOGRA’s seal of approval
Apart from the government license, the online casino should also have obtained certification/s from independent bodies, as an endorsement for its fair practices. www.eCOGRA.org is one such certification that brings a lot of credibility to the online casinos’ operations. eCOGRA stands for ‘E-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance,’ and is an independent organization that guarantees 3 very important things:

            * The games at the online casino are fair

            * The money deposits made by the players are safe and

            * The casino operates in a highly responsible and honest manner

Avoid getting addicted
Playing online slots or online casino games should always stay within the gambit of fun and exciting activities. The moment you start spending excessive time in the online casino, impacting your social, work and/or family life, or start gambling with money you can’t afford to lose, you should know that, according to www.scientificamerican.com, you’re rapidly moving towards a state of gambling addiction. You must stop there and then and seek help. Rather than letting the problem overtake you, or giving in to it, you should know there are resources available to help you. Most importantly, you’re not in it alone.

How responsible casinos address this problem
The legitimate and responsible online casinos find ways and means to ensure that their games aren’t played by people with a gambling problem. They take all necessary steps to prevent gambling addicts from logging onto their platforms and offer them different ways of obtaining the much-needed help.

These online casinos may provide you with a list of places you can turn to for assistance. Apart from that, if the player has suffered a significant amount of social and/or financial damage, these casinos may also offer resources to help him/her get his/her life back on track. Many a time, they go out of their way to help gambling addicts reclaim their lives.

There’s a very thin line between enjoyment and addiction; the thrill and financial risk. And this line starts fading fast once you start betting frequently, and with your hard-earned money. Whatever you do:

            * Never play with money you don’t have.

            * Make sure you play only at legal and authorized online casinos

            * Maintain a separate bankroll for your online gambling activities, and

            * Never indulge in online gambling if you are below 18 years of age.

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