23 Jun 2015

Don Meredith Is Not an Embarrassment to the Black Community

The news of Senator Don Meredith's expulsion from the caucus of the ruling Conservative Party of Canada based on an allegation of sexual relations with a 16-year-old girl was greeted with shame, embarrassment and deep disappointment from some members of the Afrikan-Canadian* community, which they expressed on social media.

A collective "what a shame" reverberated on Twitter and Facebook.

But why should the Black community be embarrassed by someone who was never acting in its best interest anyway?

The publisher/senior editor Arnold Auguste of Share newspaper is on-point with his expectation of Afrikan people in responsible positions:

"It is time we stop supporting people just because they share our skin colour. We need more than that. We need to know that they share our values; our concerns; our fears, our sense of place in this society and, when placed in a position to make a difference, are willing to step up."

Read the rest on HuffPost Canada's ByBlacks feed. 

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