09 Nov 2015

The Daniel Holtzclaw Case: The Police Brutality We Don’t Want To Talk About

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At the start of each episode of Law & Order SVU, an ominous voice declares the following: "In the criminal justice system, sexually based offences are considered especially heinous."

05 Nov 2015

A Cabinet That 'Looks Like Canada'? Not So Fast Trudeau!

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper's reign ended Wednesday when PM Justin Trudeau took his oath.

22 Oct 2015

3 Things The Black Community Should Demand From Justin Trudeau

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On Monday, October 19th – Justin Trudeau won the first Liberal majority in 15 years.

16 Oct 2015

Justin Trudeau Defended the Charter Rights of Convicted Terrorists Ahead of Innocent Afro-Canadians

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Within days, Canadians will go to the urns and decide the fate of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose reign has lasted a decade.

29 Sep 2015

It Is Not Just Black Men Who Matter

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In recent months, the debates surrounding carding, street checks and deaths of Black civilians in police custody have mobilized an unprecedented mass movement against police misconduct and anti-Black racism within the city of Toronto.

17 Jul 2015

What It's Really Like To Be Part of The Pan Am Games

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A year ago I decided to volunteer at Toronto’s Pan American Games.

16 Jul 2015

Best of The #GrowingUpBlack Trend That Took Over Twitter

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What are some of your fondest memories of childhood in a black household?

30 Jun 2015

Beyond The Shave

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I attended a father’s day event recently where the keynote speaker talked about learning how to get a close shave from a Youtube video because he didn’t have a father to teach him.

27 Jun 2015

Things I Lost After Marrying A White Woman

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"You absorb the light; I reflect it." It's a joke my wife recently made after several failed attempts at taking an "usie" outdoors while the sun shined down on us.

23 Jun 2015

Don Meredith Is Not an Embarrassment to the Black Community

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The news of Senator Don Meredith's expulsion from the caucus of the ruling Conservative Party of Canada based on an allegation of sexual relations with a 16-year-old girl was greeted with shame, embarrassment and deep disappointment from some members of the Afrikan-Canadian* community, which they expressed on social media.

21 Jun 2015

Black Fatherhood: Ending The Cycle Of Pain

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Today we celebrate the existence and contributions of our fathers.  But with all the presents, special dinners and the usual “Happy Father’s Day” greeting in the morning maybe we should think a little deeper.

21 Jun 2015

Fatherhood: Daring To Do It Differently

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Some people think this video is about my daughter. Why? Because of my son’s “feminine” colour choices.

16 Jun 2015

Saunders Must Change Stance on Carding at Tomorrow's Board Meeting

Written by

At tomorrow's police services board meeting, Toronto Mayor John Tory is expected to move to bring an end to police carding.


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