11 Jul 2017

Why I Show My Daughter The Men Who Celebrate Black Beauty

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I am not one of those mothers who tells her daughter to concentrate on her books and school and ignore boys until she is older.

23 Apr 2017

Why You Need To Teach Your Kid To Code - Today

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One of the few things you would be hard pressed to find is a parent who would be comfortable with their child not learning how to read.

10 Oct 2016

Let's Fight Fair - 5 Tips To Stop The Madness

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Many believe that the most important part of being a parent is building strong relationships with our children.

28 Aug 2016

Why You Have To Keep Talking To The Teacher

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… nope not Christmas, but back to school!! As we prepare ourselves with back to school shopping, scheduling, bedtimes, wake up times, and the dreaded lunches that don’t get eaten, I want to help you with one prep item that sometimes doesn’t make our list. How to build open communication with your child’s new teacher right away!

30 Jul 2016

How I Got My Kids To Listen To Me

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One aspect of parenting that I struggled with the most was getting my children to listen to me all of the time. I would usually have to say things 20 times or raise my voice before they clicked in and followed through with what I asked. It was so frustrating! 

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