17 Oct 2014

Stop Bad Talking Yourself

This week marks one year since I decided to leave my corporate job. A job where I liked my co-workers, got along great with my boss, and got paid a lot of money to do not a lot of work with full benefits and lots of parties!

I know this makes some of you wonder WHAT??? Well if you just said "WHAT" instead of “good for you!” Then this article probably isn’t for you, but if you would like to prove me wrong, keep reading ;-)

I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with friends and friends of friends. It’s the first Thanksgiving that I didn’t spend alone in quite a while. I get invited to events every year but I always decline because I don’t want to burden anyone or be the stranger amongst family. But this year I accepted, I contributed, I laughed and stayed late. Most importantly I learned from years of mistakes.

I made the least amount of money that I have made since I left university but I can honestly say that I learned more about myself; from my body to my values, to my hair and most importantly my worth! I understand more about living life, love and happiness in this last year then any other time in my life. And that has been worth more then any salary anyone can pay me.

I EARNED every dollar that I made. I worked for it!

Don’t get me wrong; there were many ups and downs this year. I had to learn some of my strengths and my weaknesses the hard way. Had to turn down contracts (read as money) that didn’t mesh with my growth as an entrepreneur and/or as a woman. And I had to humble myself more times then I knew was possible.

But it was and IS possible.

I was starting a session with a client a couple weeks ago (let’s call her K) and we were chatting as she was doing her warm-up. She was telling me “I bought this dress for my birthday and I had to buy a smaller size (pause) it must be a really big make of that dress!” I smiled and asked her sincerely “K, do you think that maybe, you bought a smaller size because you are actually smaller?” and she laughed and replied “maybe…” very unconvincingly. So I said Let’s try this again, start the story over about this dress, ready, set, go! And K started to tell me again “I bought this dress for my birthday and I had to buy a smaller size ( longer pause) probably because the waist was elastic… I gave her a blank stare. We went back and forth like this for the full 5 minute warm-up. So I had pull out the old repeat after me, and I had her repeat this:

“I K, bought a new dress for my birthday and I had to buy a smaller size, because I am smaller! I have been working very hard and my hard work is paying off! Yay new dress size!”

After that we both laughed and went into our session smiling and had a great time while working out and she worked harder then I’d seen her work since she started with me. This is because she was starting to believe the hype that her hard work was paying off so now she had incentive to push harder!

I totally got where she was coming from. We are so reluctant to celebrate our wins, and accept love and happiness. It’s like we have become accustomed to pain so much so that we crave it and worry we can’t live without it.

I turned down invites to celebrate Thanksgiving because then I would have a good excuse to be sad and feel sorry for myself and have others feel sorry for me too.

K, refused to see her progress as a success using the dress as an excuse to not love herself enough, even though she is absolutely amazing and brilliant.

I left my corporate job to pursue a life with purpose. For me that purpose led me to Wellness; physically, emotionally and mentally. I get just as excited to see my clients win as they do if not more. I live for those days when I can see their improvements in physicality inspire their improvements in mentality and self-worth.

And so one year into my journey I give thanks for my clients, those who loved me and those who didn’t like me and told me why! To my friends who supported me and referred me. And to my family to who made me, flaws and all, I stand taller, I live fuller and laugh louder (no really, my laugh is really loud!).

Let me know below in the comments what you learned about yourself this year. For the good, how did you celebrate and for the bad what are you doing to improve.

Here’s to Being Better,

Devon Jones, Wellness Coach

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