13 Jun 2015

Running Isn't For Everyone

Alright, so I have to be honest. I will go for a run or jog every once in a while, but it’s not something I do regularly.

I actually have anxiety over it for multiple reasons.

I had…a bad…experience!

Well more than one bad experience, I should say.

To start it off, sometimes I have an allergic reaction. Not sure if it's to the grass or pollen, but occasionally my legs break out in itchy hives and then eventually they start to burn. FUN!!

The best part is I never know when it’s going to happen. So when I amp myself to actually go for a run (because it really is a great way to work on your cardio and endurance) I have anxiety wondering if today is going to be the day I react.

The other re-occurring problem I have is with my back.

I have been in two major car accidents - one when I was 15 and the other when I was 16. Both of which put me into physio for over 6 months to work on my neck and back.

So needless to say, my back and neck have been a source of pain since those accidents. I had trouble with them throughout my university track career and the spring of 2012 as I was trying to get myself in shape for Summer, I threw out my back and hip multiple times. I joked I looked 19 with an 80 year old body.

Fast forward to January 2013 - I went to a foot specialist because my feet would go numb as I was jogging! After many visits and tests he told me to stop all exercise immediately and that he would have to cut off my heel bone and screw it back on. Of course there was a chance that it could affect my ability to walk or run. You can probably imagine, I WAS TERRIFIED.

After two months of crying and feeling sorry for myself, attending multiple doctor. appointments and getting poked and prodded, with only bad news, I watched the sheer fascination on the doctor's faces that I could even walk.

This is the moment that motivated me to get myself together.

I got fed up being the victim and I just said ‘screw him and his surgery!’ I needed to take responsibility for my own health.

I went to my physiotherapist and asked him if we could attempt to fix the problem with my feet that was affecting my circulation, my hips, and back through strengthening exercises.

He said yes but I would really have to do the work and commit to this. I agreed and we did.

That is what inspired me and started my fitness journey to get myself SUPER FIT. Not just fit, but SUPER FIT. It was for my health and overall wellness. Sometimes, my feet and back pain comes back. As much work as I have done to get to this point of overall fitness, I still have remnants of my injuries.

I don’t let them stop me - I just have to adjust my training style and do my best.

Jogging was causing me too much stress mentally and physically.

I started doing the stationary bike and the elliptical/stepping machines, which minimize the impact on the lower back. I can still jump and run shorter distances so I’m more likely to do tempo runs and plyometric training for my cardio workouts.

I want to let you in on this because not every method of exercise is for everyone and that’s completely ok.

If you really don’t like jogging or have issues with it but feel you have to because everyone is posting about their Nike runs on Social Media (I feel the pressure too sometimes) don’t let it get to you. Do what make sense for you!

Take care of those old injuries and areas of tightness now for your own well being. But do it the way that makes sense for you.

If you’re not sure, hire a professional. Invest in your health, you’re worth it!

In Fitness and Wellness,

Devon M. D. Jones
Personal Trainer Specialist
Certified Boot Camp Instructor

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