12 Jul 2013

Insurance...It's not all about what you pay, it's all about what you get!

Most of us adopt an attitude toward insurance that places all our attention on what we are paying out monthly and very little thought is given to what we will get in the future.

The definition of Insurance is simply MONEY, and once you understand this, the rest of what you are about to read will make perfect sense.

Wouldn't it be great if after a number of years of paying home, auto and business insurance premiums with no claims that you could get even a fraction of your premiums refunded to you?

You don't give it a second thought when you pay thousands of dollars per year to safeguard against a risk probably won't occur, and won't refund you a dime, but of course you are forced to pay for home and auto insurance so you pay out thousands, and you want to pay as little as you can as well.

Many people use term life insurance to provide protection in the event of their premature death so that their mortgage and other debts can be paid off (preventing their family from losing the home), or to provide money so that the surviving family members don't face financial ruin.

Similarly people who buy critical illness insurance want to make sure that if they are diagnosed with a serious illness, there is tax free money to pay the bills (because creditors don't care if you are ill)

What if you could get back a portion of or all of the premiums you paid over the years for term life and critical illness insurance in any of these scenarios:

(a) you never get sick and never claim on your critical illness insurance, or

(b) You paid off your mortgage, the kids are grown and can take care of themselves and you don't need the coverage

The fact is there are life and critical illness insurance policies available that will refund a portion or all of your premiums if you never claim. These products will cost a little more to purchase (partly because no medical exams are required) however if you never claim you get your money back.

Insurance (Money) is about what you get, not what you put out .....................Think about it and give me a call.


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