05 May 2014

Love & Workouts

I could never understand why people put limits on where and how they should meet.

Too many people believe the gym is a sacred place where you shouldn’t meet other people. They say it’s “tacky”!

But you know what’s tacky? Limiting your options to find happiness in Love and Health. The gym is actually the best place to meet someone new. A lot of us want someone who is healthy, someone who takes care of themselves, someone who is physically fit. Guess what?! There are lots of those people at the gym!

When you date and get involved with someone who exercises regularly, you already have something in common or if you’re not there yet, you have someone who will motivate you to stay healthy.

Please note, when I say “gym” I mean “the place where you workout”, so if you’re into a martIal arts, yoga, cross-training or dance class these are also great places to meet someone physically active. Why wouldn’t you want to be involved with someone who makes his or her health as a priority?

As a couple you can get into a routine. I find it inspiring to train couples. It is almost therapeutic. They learn to adjust to each other’s strengths and weaknesses, in other words - compromise! A couple that I have been training for over a year, Ricardo & Gloria McRae, inspire me every single week. They work together running their business Wedge15.com and in between engagements they workout together. When one is slowing down the other slows down and gives encouragement. When we do partner exercises, they have to adjust to each other’s height and strengths in order to complete the exercise properly. And they watch each other’s form so that they can help the other complete the exercise properly without injury.

Another couple I know who didn’t want to be named, are committed to exercise but with the addition of a child, it was quite difficult to find time to exercise together. And so they compromised, the wife works out Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays while the Husband gets to workout Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This ensures they both get their 3 days a week and their child still has quality time alone with each parent equally.

But you’re not there yet.  You’re still single and might have a gym “Boyfriend/Girlfriend”. You know... the guy/girl that you have “dates” with every Tuesday at 7pm. But you’ve never spoken to them, so you don’t know their name but might exchange a polite smile on eye contact. No? Ok maybe that’s just me. The old me. The new me doesn’t fret over gym rules.

In the gym handbook (the unwritten rules) the universal sign to initiate conversation in a gym setting is to make eye contact with the person you would like to speak to and take your headphones out. If they don’t remove theirs, keep it moving. But if they do, then you get to initiate conversation. NOTE: Make sure you have something to say before you initiate conversation. “Nice form” is creepy so don’t do it! Try complimenting them on something they’re wearing; nice “keep calm” shirt; or nice barefoot shoes, are they really that comfortable? Females can get away with “Just wanted to say hi (insert cute flirty smile)”.

Another way to get someone to notice you or start conversation is to ask to work in on the machine they are working on, if you don’t know what “work in on a machine” means then you can take Gym Etiquette 101 (also not a real thing, but you can ask your FIT friend about it, they’ll know!) This puts you in their vicinity for a short amount of time to try to see if there is something there.

At the end of the day, step outside your comfort zone. Rejection is only negative if you let it stop you. I think its worth it to try. If they aren’t interested or they are already attached then keep it moving. Life is too short to put limitations on you finding a happy and healthy relationship.

In fitness and in health,


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