16 May 2014

Platonic Relationships, Who Asks Who And Erotic Zones

Q: I think you should write about male/female friendships. Do you think it’s possible for men and women to just be friends?
- Curious


Dear Curious,

I most definitely believe that men and women can just be friends. If you are asking if two people who happen to be physically/sexually attracted to each other can be friends, I believe that is possible as well. I think it boils down to the nature of the friendship and the value placed on it. Some of us have friends in which we may feel some sort of attraction to. Heck, some of us have friends in which we have contemplated dating at some point in time. If anyone has ever dated or been intimate with a friend, then you know it alters the dynamic of your relationship. Some folks can make it work and sometimes it ruins the friendship. Two people can be attracted to each other but be committed enough to their friendship to keep it right at that level - friendship. It is completely possible.

Q: I was in a bar and saw some beautiful women that I wanted to talk to then I asked myself why should I? I have a question for you. Why is it always the man who has to ask the woman out or show initial interest? Why don’t women be more aggressive and ask a guy out directly?
- B

Dear B,

I think that gender role stereotypes have something to do with that. Society traditionally “dictates” that the male is the “hunter.” Men do the pursuing, the courting, the chasing, and that they do the asking. Personally I think those notions are absolutely ridiculous. I am from the school of thought where if someone catches your interest, you let them know. If you feel like asking that person out, then ask. It doesn’t matter if you’re a male, female or unicorn. I know some women who also think like me and do not hesitate to ask someone they find good looking and charming out for drinks or dinner. Keep in mind too that some people are just shy. Don’t let this deter you from seeking new connections though. The next time you’re in a bar or some other social setting and a woman grabs your attention and you would like to talk to her, go right on ahead. Please know we do exist B, and one day hopefully you shall have the pleasure of being asked out by a woman.

Q; Vee, am I being mean if I just want a man to suck my nipples and nothing else? I don’t want anything more. Is this mean, selfish or am I just being assertive?
- Ms. Mean or Just Assertive?

Dear Ms. Mean or Just Assertive,

I don’t think you are being a mean person if you only want a man to suck your nipples and provide you with breast stimulation. You are very certain of what you would like from a partner and are asserting this. Good for you! I do think that it is extremely important that you communicate this with the men you choose to entertain in your life. Be open and honest and do let them know that you are looking for breast stimulation with no hopes of further intimacy and/or a pursuing romance. Once this has been communicated clearly, there can be no confusion surrounding the dynamic of the relationship. People are wonderfully complicated beings and we are filled with complex emotions. It’s natural that spending an extended period of time with someone and ongoing intimate interaction can lead to emotional attachment and deeper feelings. Be prepared for this on both parts and respect this. This man, at some point, may want something much more than to suck on your nipples. And if that time should come, decide clearly whether or not something more should happen or whether it is time to say goodbye. Be honest.


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