09 Jun 2014

The 5 Most Embarrassing Things That Happen When Working Out

Working out in a public setting can be intimidating.

I spend a lot of my time either training clients or working out myself. I have had times where I chose to workout at home because I ate too much fiber the night before and my stomach was bloated or my hair looked crazy and I didn’t feel like going in public. I know it’s sounds silly but it’s a reality for a lot of people. So I wanted to address some of the things that you think only happen to you, but they are regular and natural so you shouldn’t stress or be too embarrassed.

1. Flatulence: My favourite line from the original Shrek movie is “Better out, then in!” Ever been in the corner doing abs and all of a sudden a “silent but deadly” slips out? Or you’re in a class and squat really low and you let one rip? What can you do about it? Nothing! Because it’s already happened.  Just ignore it and keep on crunching and squatting. If you’re a personal trainer and your client lets one go, just try your best not to make a face or act like you smell anything, keep it professional and keep counting! It has happened to almost everyone! Bloating and gas happen when you eat healthy foods and/or when you eat unhealthy foods.  So just let it go... literally!

2. Nipplitis! No this doesn’t mean you are sexually aroused! Nipples tend to erect during sexual arousal or when the body temperature drops. This is also very natural and normal during exercise.  Your nipples erect through your shirt and or/bra when you exercise even though you’re not cold. It happens to men too, it’s just more noticeable because people tend to react more to women’s erect nipples then men’s. The scientific answer for this that made the most sense for me, I found on Web MD:

"Your body heats up during exercise and it produces sweat as a response. Your sweat evaporates from your skin, removing heat and cooling your body in the process. Your nipples can become erect as they are being cooled since coldness is a stimulus for erect nipples."

So ladies don’t feel ashamed or self-conscious and guys stop staring! It happens and it’s out of our control. I have tried the padded sports bra and it still doesn’t hide it. I just stopped worrying about it and finished my workout.

3. Coochie/Bootie Sweat: My personal annoyance. We all sweat differently. I hate drawing attention to it but I will for the sake of helping someone else feel less self-conscious.  Most of the time if you see me working out in public, I will be wearing black or dark coloured bottoms. Because when I wear lighter coloured bottoms you can see my crotch sweat marks. I don’t find it sexy, but I’m more worried that some people DO find it sexy and that’s not what I’m trying to do at the gym. The funny thing is, most people probably don’t even notice it, but I am very aware of it. The only thing I can do about it is wear dark coloured pants. Or buy the more expensive Lycra pants that soak up the sweat. It’s just a fact of life. Sweat is a part of exercise and you can’t control where or how you sweat but you can control the other factors. Do what you have to do to feel comfortable and keep on lifting/ walking/ running/ jumping/ dancing... whatever it is that gets you sweaty!

4. Body Odour: Please try to apply deodorant or whatever you use for your underarms before you workout in a public space! I get it, sometimes you forget it, or you’re just having a musty day. Females during our monthly we can sometimes have a “different” scent. Guess what… YOU’RE ALLOWED TO SWEAT! YOU’RE EXPECTED TO WORK YOURSELF UP INTO A SWEAT!

And you know what else… sweat smells like sweat! Shocking right? So if you smell a little frowsy, oh well. As long as you tried to manage it the best you can, get over it. Most of the time there’s someone who smells worse then you or others smell you and think it’s the guy beside you. Just make sure on the day you decide to “ask to work in” with your gym bf/gf (See last months article on “Love & Workouts”) Just make sure you smell nice and try it earlier in the workout before you get too sweaty.

On a side note: Drenching your self in perfume/cologne is just as bad if not worse so just STOP IT!!!  Ok, now I can continue…

5. Grunts & Groans: When you exert a grand force a grunt or groan may escape. You’re allowed to make noises. Yes everyone is annoyed by that guy always trying to get attention when he’s doing his 1 rep max *eye-roll*. But you’re not that guy… I hope! I know people who grunt, groan, exhale grandly, let out a mini shriek, moan, giggle and laugh when they get to that point in the workout. It happens and it’s your body’s natural reaction to exertion. Listen to your body, it’s telling you, all you need to know! So let it out!

At the end of the day. These things may all happen, maybe even on the same day. But none of them are big enough or bad enough excuses, because that’s exactly what they are: EXCUSES! None of them should stop me or you from getting your workout on. I workout for my health, I workout for my love of self and I workout for my future children. It’s a labour of love. Take a minute to tell me why you workout and what you want to know about fitness wise!!!

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