15 Jun 2014

Meat, Marketing and Markets

I was going to write an article about making the perfect, indulgent, healthy dessert. It was going to mention all of the amazing decadent and rich ingredients that don't come from a packet or come with chemicals, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavourings and who knows what else.

I was going to tell you that there are some delightful cakes that don't even require animal products or even cooking! Then I saw a video. One that left me a little mortified and thanking the heavens that I make certain choices in regards to food. It's one of those videos that people need to see, it could even be one of those videos that changes the way people think about food and maybe even their eating habits. Watch this then continue reading.

I'll give you a moment...

It can be better! By making a few choices differently, I can be better! “How?” I hear you say! Well, here are a few pointers to get us started.

Lets start off with making the choice to choose differently and keeping an open mind. Where you buy your food and what you buy says a lot to these marketing companies. There is power in your dollar!

Be bold and read more. Dare to go beyond the label. Research what local farmers (factory farms) use to raise their livestock in humane, hormone-free, antibiotic-free and chemical-free environments.

Visit conscious butchers or farmers' markets for your locally sourced, organic meats. In and around Toronto there are quite a few, ready to give you meat and animal products that have been raised with our health in mind.

The Healthy Butcher has 3 locations on Queen St W (Toronto), Eglinton Ave W (Toronto), and one in Kitchener, Waterloo. I've heard nothing but great things about this company. Check out their website www.thehealthybutcher.com for more information or pop into a store and check them out for yourself.

Rowe Farms are the ones I visit the most. They have 8 locations across Toronto and one in Guelph.

If you're thinking about possibly doing a one stop shop outside of the supermarkets then why not try your local farmers' market? Granted, you are limited to what is in season, but you actually have the fortune of meeting people connected to local farmers, the produce is fresh, there are other divine handmade items, snacks and you can also pick up meat, seasonal veggies and fruit too. Here is a wonderful list of some of the farmers markets in Toronto

Eat less meat. Experiment with spices, explore new foods! A meatless dish doesn't have to be bland and unexciting. A book that I adore (proving that plant based diets do not consist of rabbit food and are exciting, tasty and fun) is Afro-Vegan by Bryant Terry.

Finally, be open to new and different options for you and your family. Listen to your body and how it responds to various foods and most importantly have fun with it!

Don't worry, I will absolutely finish the article on divine, decadent and delicious (so good you wouldn't believe they're actually good for you) desserts!

Sending out oodles of love and light.

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