12 Sep 2014

My Thighs Rub Together When I Walk!

Surprised to hear this from me? Yes my legs are lean, just like the women on my father’s side. But they still rub together no matter how many squats and leg lifts I do they will always be this way for it is their natural shape.

For me this has never been an issue, as I actually didn’t realize that this was a ‘thing’ until they had that show “hot or not” where people volunteered to stand in front of random “judges” and let them tell them what was wrong with them. I’m convinced that this show was designed to make everyone hate him or herself, but it’s not anything new. It was just the most blatant demonstration of conforming to European standards of beauty. According to one of the judges on the show women’s inner thighs should never touch. And ask him “IN WHAT WORLD!” As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before and will continue to discuss until it is no longer an issue. We need to understand that we all come in different shapes, sizes, skin-tones and dimensions.

I have had clients tell me that they want my arms or they want booty like Beyonce. Or the males that want abs like some professional athlete or singer that all the girls are feening after. Which makes me have to be the bad guy and use the tough love approach. I simply tell them “you are never going to have my abs, my arms and my legs, because they are mine and they are unique to me. My sister doesn’t even have the same physical make-up as me so why would someone with different genes have it???”

The next thing I ask is; “Why would you want to be like me? You should want to be the best you that you can be.” And then I point out all their amazing assets that are enviable, so that hopefully they can see what I see if even just a moment.

With all these leaked nude celebrity photos floating around the Internet, I would hope that people would finally see that, the only ideal body type is your body at it’s ideal! {Tweet this} 

Half of what we are admiring in these celebrities is airbrushed or fake (read as bought).

I haven’t looked at the photos myself as I felt that I didn’t want to be a part of the further violation of their bodies and their privacy, but I have read the feedback, specifically Jill Scott’s. Understanding Jill Scott’s journey of taking nude selfies of herself to document her body transformation was inspiring and encouraging to those of us going through or who have been through the transformation. And though I do feel for all these women being exposed and violated, because it really was a violation, I do believe that every situation has a lesson if we are willing to open our minds to learn it.

I learned that our bodies are beautiful pieces of art to be molded into the best representation of self. Whatever your size and your structure just make sure it is healthy. I had a woman tell me yesterday as she shoved some food down her throat, “my husband loves my extra pounds!” I refrained from asking but in my head I wanted to ask her, how will your husband and children love it when you have diabetes and high blood pressure and you can no longer show up as your bright and beautiful self? See my article on BMI in our community.

I was also reminded that, yes selfies are great and when you are going through your transformation I do encourage you to document your journey, but just be careful who you share those photos with. Not everyone is going to keep them as safe as you do. Those celebrities were hacked but there are some whose photos have been shared online by current and ex friends who you never thought would do that… until they did.

And most importantly it reminded me that I really need to write a post dealing with Men and Women being more realistic about each other’s bodies. For the most part, all this stress we are putting on ourselves is coming from outside forces. This topic needs it’s own blog, so I will be doing a video blog in the next couple months on this subject so stay tuned.

At the end of the day, your body is yours to mold. That takes work. From skinny folk trying to put on muscle and size, to pear shaped ladies trying to trim their thighs, to big belly men trying to get reduce it without losing their size. They all take sacrifice. But in the end isn’t your life and your family worth it? Because the majority of health issues that plague our community can be prevented by changing our diet and increasing our activity level. In order to be big and stay beautiful you need to be healthy. Size isn’t always the issue, because skinny-fat is not healthy either. Take the challenge and mold your body into the best specimen it can be. Don’t you want to see what you are capable of? Email me and tell me your story! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In fitness and wellness,

Devon Jones

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