05 Jan 2020

New Year, Same Resolution: How I lost 90lbs 14 Years Ago and Kept It Off

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I lost 90lbs as a result of a New Year's Resolution, and against all odds, I’ve kept this weight off for over 14 years! Prior to this, I had tried every diet under the sun (twice). But this time, I was determined to approach my wellness journey with a different tone as the extreme attempts hadn’t served me in the past.

22 Oct 2016

Will We Ever Be Happy With Our Bodies?

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I was watching one of those late night shows and Khloe Kardashian was a guest. Let me get to the point quick. 

14 Aug 2016

You Need A Mini Trampoline In Your Life

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Rebounding or mini trampolining is not just for kids and it’s not just for fun. This fun and effective way to exercise produces feel good hormones (endorphins), increases the metabolism and creates health benefits that are numerous and long lasting.

06 Aug 2016

How A Nursery Rhyme Can Improve Your Squat

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Remember when you were a kid and you sang this song? “Head and shoulders, Knees and toes, Knees and toes, Knees and toes”. 

09 Jun 2016

What Does Fit Look Like?

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I really appreciate the feedback and sharing of my last article on being told “Don’t put on too much muscle”. 

09 May 2016

What Men Really Mean When They Say "Don't Put On Too Much Muscle"

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My strength, muscles and men’s view of them, seem to be the running theme this week. Why are men still so surprised when women are strong? I’ve had male clients look at me like I’m insane when I do a move or lift a weight that they apparently didn’t think I should be able to perform or lift.

28 Mar 2016

No One Size Fits All To Fitness

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The fear of success has run rampant. I still struggle with it. I still see it in my clients.

23 Feb 2016

From Meatatarian to Vegetarian

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I was the biggest meat lover around.

15 Jan 2016

When Did We Become So Cynical About New Years Resolutions?

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We have just started a new year and I keep hearing these talk show hosts/comedians making fun of people who still make them, assuming that they are going to fail. 

10 Nov 2015

Getting To Your Happy Place

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I have been thinking about what to write this month for my fitness article and for some reason I keep coming back to one repeated warning that my parents drilled into my brain. 

15 Oct 2015

Why Don't Black Women Exercise?

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Yes! Let the cussing start. But it’s true, so let’s just be real about it.

10 Sep 2015

Boobs, Biceps and Sweating It Out

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So I’m at the gym minding my business in the free weights section.

11 Aug 2015

Resolve To Be Better

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It’s that time of year again! My BIRTHDAY… YAY! And of course that means I’m on my way back from an amazing trip.

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