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12 Mar 2015

Tax Sheltering Your Investments Using Life Insurance

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If you have maxed out your RRSPs and used up all of your TFSA room; there are other options available which will allow you to continue to invest your money tax deferred.

26 Mar 2015

Understanding What Goes On During A Trial

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16 Mar 2015

How Do I Know What My Calling Is In Life?

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“To what are you called?” This is something my mother would often ask me and others growing up. She’d look you straight in the eye with a deadpan stare, the eyebrows artfully painted on her face raised high, and ask, “Is God calling you? And if so, to what are you being called?”

11 Mar 2015

Smoothies & Superfoods

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This month's idea came from being so very over winter and all that comes with it. The cold, the snow, the countless layers, the heavy food, the sluggishness and even the hibernation.

08 Mar 2015

Spring Has Sprung!!

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The days are getting longer and eventually the snow will be melting. You are trying to make plans for the rest of year.

01 Mar 2015

Does Cold Weather Really Affect our Joints?

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How many of us have that aunt or grandparent who believes they can predict the weather based on the amount of discomfort in their knees or hands? Well, there just may be some truth to their claims. 

26 Feb 2015

#MAKEUPHACK: The Perfect 10-Minute Makeup Routine for Every Brown Skin Tone

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“I don’t want to look fake.” It's probably the most frequent thing I hear my clients and my girlfriends say when it comes to wearing makeup.

26 Feb 2015

Putting The Spark Back Into Your Bedroom

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I'm doing it a little differently this month by incorporating several questions couples have recently come to me with. I’m not a certified sex coach but let’s just say I have A LOT of experience. The people who come to me truly want to give their marriage a fighting chance. 

18 Feb 2015

Style Gems Of The Past: Bill Smith

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In honour of Black History month, we’re celebrating notables who survived and thrived to become pioneers in the fashion industry. 

18 Feb 2015

How To Fall In Love With The Gym

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Since Valentines day just passed, I wanted to talk a little bit about love. I Love exercise. Some may say I’m addicted. I love it mostly because I’ve been exercising my whole life so it’s just a part of me.


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