17 Oct 2014

Stop Bad Talking Yourself

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This week marks one year since I decided to leave my corporate job. A job where I liked my co-workers, got along great with my boss, and got paid a lot of money to do not a lot of work with full benefits and lots of parties!

17 Oct 2014

It's your Money: Part 2

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In this article we discuss budget design and maintenance and organizing and keeping good records. If you recall from our previous article, money management entails balancing savings, spending, wants, needs, cash flow and debt.

08 Oct 2014

No Sneezes Or Sniffles This Season Thank You!

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I think we can safely say that summer is over. As much as there is so much to look forward to; snow, hot apple cider and soup, the shift from hot to cool weather means cold and flu season is here too.

02 Oct 2014

Why You Should Switch To Natural Toothpaste

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About three years ago, I found a lump in my breast and this triggerd a need to find safer alternatives in personal care products, from deodorants to nail polish, shampoos and toothpastes! While it is evident that we cannot control every aspect of our lives, we can control some things.

01 Oct 2014

10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself, The People in Your Life & Everyone You Meet

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Life in general is full of questions. But most times asking the right questions will not only give you the answers you need, but it can also provide the real connection we human beings crave.

20 Sep 2014

Tips And Tricks For Oral Pleasure

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Oral sex in the Black community still seems to be a taboo topic, but I am a firm believer that good oral sex is an art.

17 Sep 2014

Vegan What? Triple Chocolate Beet and Apple Cupcakes

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You read that right. Totally vegan. No dairy products. Low gluten. Brings all the goodness of beetroot and apple and I have yet to meet a person who didn't adore these cupcakes.

17 Sep 2014

PREVIEW: The Scandal Collection at The Limited

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A preview of The Scandal Collection is out and I’m lusting over everything I’ve seen so far. 

12 Sep 2014

My Thighs Rub Together When I Walk!

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Surprised to hear this from me? Yes my legs are lean, just like the women on my father’s side. But they still rub together no matter how many squats and leg lifts I do they will always be this way for it is their natural shape.

07 Sep 2014


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Suppose you’ve sued someone, you’ve won the trial and the judge has ordered the person you sued, now called the judgment debtor, to pay damages to you. What happens next? How do you get the money you are owed?


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