15 Apr 2014

Os and Ahhs

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I am inspired to write about orgasms for two reasons. The first, well…I’ll just giggle to myself and save that for book of erotic poems number two. The second

10 Apr 2014

Celebrating Spring With A Challenge!

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Since the last article, I've been thinking a lot about doing a juice cleanse. With spring blooming it feels like the timing couldn't be better. Humans are making their way out of hibernation,

03 Apr 2014

Exercise your mind and the body will follow!

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 “Cause girls look so good but their minds are not ready, I don’t know….” - KRS One, Criminal Minded

30 Mar 2014

Let's Talk About Sex - our new column "Ask Vee: Sex, Relationships, Sexuality"

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Being a naturally shy person, I am not so great at introductions. I get awkward, and shy, and often times I get fidgety. It can be quite sad to watch actually. However, nervousness aside, it is very important that I introduce myself

29 Mar 2014

The Walking Dead

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Most of us are familiar with the popular television series “The Walking Dead”. The show while totally fictional, gives great insight into how many humans behave – Just like the Walking Dead.

07 Mar 2014

Spring Cleaning for Your Body

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As we're entering spring season (yippee!!) are you finding that everywhere you turn there is something about cleansing, detoxing or fasting? They usually involve going without food or drinking a not so flavoursome kind of liquid.

08 Mar 2014

BMI Inaccurate for People of Colour

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I found out about 10 years ago

24 Feb 2014

First Black Models to Grace Vogue Magazine

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To fashion worshippers, it is the Holy Grail and its believers include women the world over. Yet, the front pages of Vogue Magazine have often failed to capture the various complexions of the women who read it.

20 Feb 2014

Planning - The Only Option In The Absence Of A Crystal Ball

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It is difficult for anyone to face the possibility of disability, incapacity or loss of independence; however, everyone should plan for these eventualities.

15 Feb 2014

3 Top Things to Guarantee a Successful Event!

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“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”, Benjamin Franklin


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