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26 Dec 2019

ByBlacks.com Launches New Look Featured

We're excited to announce ByBlacks.com has now undergone a brand refresh with a new logo and social media icon.

“We realized that our first logo didn’t have its own icon for social media. Then we felt like it was time for a whole new, more modern look,” says the publisher of ByBlacks Roger Dundas.
The font is heavily weighted with a rounder shape, making it both strong and approachable, reflective of the qualities of both the magazine’s brand and the people who work on it. 
The stylized talk bubble represents the stories in the magazine and the communication between ByBlacks and its readers.
“I really like the talk bubble being a central part of the logo because our work is a constant conversation with our audience, both critique and celebration, actually. Our readers always give feedback on the types of stories they want to see and certainly are always the first to celebrate the people in the stories we cover,” says Camille Dundas, editor-in-chief of ByBlacks.com. 
The ByBlacks team would like to acknowledge that this project was made possible with the support of Ontario Creates.

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