25 Jan 2018


This Black History Month, PIECE OF MINE Arts returns with the highly anticipated BLACK MEN IN THEATRE showcase at the grand Fairview Library Theatre, February 15 – 17.

The dynamic line-up features: Troy Crossfield (Secrets of a Black Boy), Peter Bailey (Other Side of the Game), Kobèna Aquaa-Harrison (Obaaberima [DORA Award for Outstanding Sound Design/Composition]) Dennis Langley (Do You Remember Me), and Jonathan C. Pearce (Kick It Up Dance).

The showcase is a curated collection of pieces from seasoned and emerging Black men including theatrical and dance works. While most events in February focus on historical contributions by African Canadians, critics and audiences are praising Black Men in Theatre for its refreshing approach to present lived experiences. The line-up covers themes of identity, mental health, poverty, and sexual abuse within the framework of honest and engaging storytelling. 

The mainstage show highlights Troy Crossfield in the remount of A Little White Lie, the breakthrough play with 4/4 sold-out houses (Alumnae Theatre/St. Francis Theatre). The impressive 11-cast member story revolves around Michael, a successful businessman who has accomplished remarkable success, but is silently haunted by a dark past. It takes family, love, and God to face the fears that challenge his manhood.

“Writing this play I had struggles completing this project because of things like ‘where is the money going to come from?’” says Crossfield about the benefits of partaking in Black Men in Theatre.

Featured artists are selected from PIECE OF MINE Arts submissions to be professionally showcased with the support of a venue, marketing, and creative development. The model provides barrier-free participation from an increasingly expensive and competitive market for independent productions, not to mention a lack of compelling lead roles for Black men.

Golden Tale of Djungle Bouti by Kobèna Aquaa-Harrison is a hilarious, live scripted autobiography, reflecting his continental African perspective on culture, racism, where is home, what is blackness and romancing tribal women of the Americas. Dive into the third leg of his trilogy and witness Kobèna's return to Africa. This piece follows the spiritual journey of music from Ghana to the Caribbean, via cargo ship, reuniting his family.

Tyson's Song by Peter Bailey follows best friends Tyson and Bryan who go on one last boys night out on the eve of Bryan moving to another city. The would-be celebration takes an unexpected turn as Tyson’s bouts with depression come to a head, compelling both men to question the depths and bonds of their friendship.

Starring Christopher Allen and Christef Desir. Directed by Ash Knight

A Little Black Lie by Troy Crossfield (sequel to A Little White Lie) reveals the dark secrets we hide in our families to protect ourselves and others from being hurt. The lies that we want to take to the grave with us have a way of re-surfacing, even after death. This is a story of father and son who confront each other about an abusive past that tore a family apart, but unpacking their baggage may just be the key to save their relationship.

Produced, written and starring Troy Crossfield along with Peter Radcliffe, Christian Miller, Sheronna Osbourne, and Jaiden Lewis. Directed by Douglas Prout.

Vagabond by Dennis Langley is one man show in development about a young man making critical, but seemingly too late, decisions for his career advancement while wresting with his current and future state.

Gossip Folks by Jonathan C. Pearce is rooted in paying tribute to hip hop culture with meticulous movements that bring you back to take you forward.

PIECE of MINE Arts presents bold works created by intersectional Black artists, as well as youth programming and education workshops designed to explore African Canadian narratives. Founded in 2013, the company forms opportunities to produce stories that celebrate the vast cultures of the African Diaspora.

Crossfield House Productions is a new production company in theatre, film and online creative projects. Our mission is to create narratives that encompass a diverse community. We are a team of actors and writers in the daily pursuit of life-sized dreams.

  • Media Contact: Natasha Morris
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Website: pieceofminearts.com
  • Tel. 647.898.3035
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