19 Aug 2018

Lessons In Perspective From A Survivor of Police Brutality

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Sometimes before he speaks to the Ontario Police College, someone will ask Orlando Bowen at least one of the two following questions.

16 Aug 2018

Death Of A Queen: Aretha Franklin Passes At Age 76

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“My daddy says I don’t know what I’m doing. Well, I respect him, of course, but I’m going to stick to my beliefs.

15 Aug 2018

Queer at Carnival: The Importance Of Spaces For LGBT Revellers

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Alyssa Mattrasingh attended queer carnival parties this year — but this wasn’t always the case.

01 Aug 2018

AfroChic Raises The Bar Yet Again

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Summertime in Toronto is a special thing, largely due in part to the wealth of events that dot our social calendars on a near-weekly basis.

21 Jul 2018

Cradle To Incarceration: Why Ontario's Prison System Is Making Crime Worse

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As the city grapples with the increase in high profile gun crimes happening over the last few months, there are a myriad of discussions popping up in an attempt to find solutions.

18 Jul 2018

Laneway Renamed After Prolific Black Activist Charles Roach

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It’s no longer the offices of Roach, Schwartz & Associates, but back in the day, up the steps and overlooking a stretch of St. Clair Ave. W., Charles Roach and like-minded partners in law helped cash-strapped clients, launched social justice crusades and hatched legal challenges, including the odd one that they knew didn’t stand a chance of succeeding.

15 Jul 2018

"Yes I Am A Negro!" - The Untold Story Of Gloria Bayliss

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In 1964, the Civil Rights Act was passed in the United States. In the same year, in Montreal, a woman named Gloria Baylis was taking the Queen Elizabeth Hotel to court in the first case ever in Canada to allege employment discrimination based on race.

15 Jul 2018

City Apologizes For Rampant Racist Behaviour Inside Halifax Transit

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Twelve years after the initial complaint was filed, an independent board of inquiry from Nova Scotia’s Human Rights Commission has determined Halifax Transit's work environment to be abusive and discriminatory.

01 Jul 2018

Journalist Overhears Shocking Comments At Hearing For Canada's Longest Serving Immigration Detainee

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The conduct of two bureaucrats working for Canada’s border police is under investigation after they were overheard strategizing about how to “rattle” a mentally ill immigration detainee they were about to question at a hearing.

27 Jun 2018

Viola Desmond Honoured With Walk Of Fame in Hometown Halifax

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After decades of being overlooked, human rights trailblazer Viola Desmond is receiving yet another posthumous honour.


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