22 Apr 2018

Jamaicans In Nova Scotia Respond To MLA's "Ignorance, Prejudice and Racial Bias"

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On behalf of the Jamaican Cultural Association of Nova Scotia (JCANS) I take this opportunity to rebut and reject the negative comments of MLA Elizabeth McCrossin against JAMAICA and Jamaicans in particular.

19 Apr 2018

Apparently Legalizing Weed Will Make Nova Scotians Lazy Like Jamaicans, According to Tory Leadership Candidate

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Update: Smith-McCrossin has since apologized for her remarks.

16 Apr 2018

Durham District School Board Recruiting Black Teachers

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The demographic landscape of Durham Region has changed and is continuing to change.

13 Apr 2018

The Man Trying To Close The Gender Divide On Math

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As a teenager beginning high school in his Ivory Coast homeland, Ismael Mourifié looked around his classroom and understood something was inherently wrong.

13 Apr 2018

Black Community Tough On Provincial Leaders At First Debate

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The Black Community in Ontario got to ask the hard questions and to hear directly from the leaders of three of the province’s major political parties contesting the June 7 general election.

13 Apr 2018

Daniel G. Hill Dedicated His Life To Recording Black Canadian History

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On April 6th 2018, I had the opportunity and privilege to present an oral paper and submit a poster presentation at the, “Remember Me-The Changing Face of Memorialization” Conference (April 4th to 7th), in Hull, UK.

12 Apr 2018

Mike Schreiner And The Green Party Emerge As The "Surprising Winner" Of The Black Community Provincial Debate

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The first leaders debate for the Ontario provincial election kicked off at the Jamaican Canadian Association Centre last night in Toronto.

10 Apr 2018

First Time Author Jamil Jivani Determined In Face Of Cancer Diagnosis

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Jamil Jivani was basking in hard-earned success until a cancer diagnosis came out of the blue, on Family Day weekend.

09 Apr 2018

New Exhibit Explores Roots of Black Press in Nova Scotia

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The Acadia Art Gallery is exploring the Black Press tradition in Nova Scotia with an exhibit put together by recent Acadia graduate Sawyer Carnegie.

04 Apr 2018

Head Of Hamilton's New Anti-Racism Resource Centre Is Here To Listen And Give Advice

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It should have been relatively straightforward. A recent arrival from Nova Scotia, Princewill Ogban went to a Service Ontario office in Hamilton to get his health card.


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