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15 Jun 2014

A Father's Day Dab With Father & Artist Robert Small

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If I had my way, this Father’s Day would be a call to action for more men to be involved in their children’s lives.

15 Jun 2014

What a good father looks like

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It seems as if Father’s Day’s is getting closer to being as big a deal as mother’s day. Well not equal, but we’re improving.

09 Jun 2014

What Is Happiness?

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What is Happiness? Is it a state of contentment, free of resentment? Is it a state of being or an emotional feeling? Is it walking down the aisles or creating new life?

28 May 2014

Yesitis: A chronic ailment amongst community activists

Written by

What is Yesitis?

24 May 2014

Dumbination Not Domination: Why ‘The Secret’ Is Just Stupid

Written by

It’s sold over 19 million copies worldwide. Been translated into 46 different languages.

13 May 2014

Reparation — It is long overdue!

Written by

What is Reparation? Reparation is first and foremost a moral obligation and then a legal obligation. There is a marked distinction between an individual

13 May 2014

What is Intelligence?

Written by

What is Intelligence? Is intelligence the same as education, knowledge, wisdom, or understanding? Is human intelligence the same as spiritual intelligence?

24 Apr 2014

The Black That I Am

Written by

The BLACK that I am … I came to the realization that dark skin was an issue circa 1994 through the informal education system called recess.

23 Apr 2014

What is Violence? Problem or Symptom!

Written by

What is violence? Why is violence such a worldwide phenomenon among human beings? At the dawn of the twenty–first century, and the emergence of the digital age,

18 Apr 2014

Who is a Christian?

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Who is a Christian? A Christian is one who openly confesses his or her sins, seeks forgiveness, and commits to following the teachings of Jesus Christ. He or she is then transformed by the Holy Spirit and by God,

05 Apr 2014

God’s Perspective on Human Relationships

Written by

God’s perspective on human relationships can take on greater levels of harmony among human beings when we begin with our spiritual relationship with Him.

14 Mar 2014

Family: The Foundation of Society

Written by

When something goes wrong within our society we look to our governments for answers, because governments have the expressed responsibility, and the macro–administrative mechanisms to address problems of society.

02 Mar 2014

Why I Left The Church; Being Gay Had Nothing To Do With It

Written by

My parents raised me with a level of piousness that was nauseating.


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