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25 Mar 2014

BBPA Technology and Innovation award recipient Collin Haughton, on building android devices and Noca Instruments

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The recipient of the Technology and Innovation for the 2014 Harry Jerome Awards, is Collin Haughton; Founder and Global Chairman of Noca Instrument. His company currently manufactures android Tablets and Cell Phones.

19 Mar 2014

JCA partners with Green Meikle & Smith Chartered Accountants to offer FREE income tax clinic

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I got an email from the Jamaican Consul General to Canada, about a FREE Income Tax Preparation clinic being offered by the Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA) in partnership with Green Meikle & Smith Chartered Accountants.

07 Mar 2014

Photographer Lawrence Kerr Opens His First Studio

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Photographers capture the essence of everyday life, document history, often times turning simple moments into art. Lawrence Kerr is one of those photographers with the knack

04 Mar 2014

Barbie, is that you?

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Meet Queen Cee, she’s a wonder woman who customizes dolls to relate to girls of colour.

27 Feb 2014

Women United Network Business Showcase

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A female focused business showcase event. 

17 Feb 2014

Can you legally record the police? Maker of new app Cop Watch Toronto answers all our questions

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The Toronto Police is currently considering making it a requirement for every officer to have shoulder mounted cameras.

16 Feb 2014

Skights! One mom’s innovation leads to successful business

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If you’re a parent to a little boy, you know the drill when it comes to shopping.

04 Feb 2014

The Digital Dossier – New Company Transforms Your Resume Into Video Pitch

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Here at ByBlacks.com we’re always on the lookout for new and interesting businesses run by Black Canadians. We stumbled across The Digital Dossier on LinkedIn and it piqued our interest.

10 Dec 2013

I’MONIQ | You are what you wear! Toronto fashion designer Monique Anderson creates from the soul.

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We all have a story to tell.  This is what Monique Anderson fervently believes, and she has channelled this passion into producing distinctive pieces of jewellery, which reflect the essence of their origins.

02 Nov 2013

JNBS's Jerrold Johnson talks Real Estate

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November 5-11, 2013, the JNBS Toronto Representative Office hosts JN Canada Real Estate Week, with Developers and Realtors from Jamaica up in Canada, allowing Canadians better access to real estate opportunities in Jamaica. ByBlacks interviewed Chief Representative Officer, Jerrold Johnson about the seminars.

24 Oct 2013

PABA Cosmetics providing makeup for women of colour now for over 12 years

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A few weeks ago I attended a community training event, where one of the presenters was a young lady named Princilla, who runs PABA Cosmetics makeup line.

04 Sep 2013

Exhibit Africa 3rd Anniversary

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What is described as a "Journey into Africa's rich Cultural Heritage and social diversity filled with entertainment,interaction and adventure"; ByBlacks.com spoke to organizer Christine Piro about this 3rd installment of the Exhibit Africa event.

12 Jun 2013

TE Media, actively developing and producing multi-platform content

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Originally formed as Taffe Entertainment back in 2009, Taffe Entertainment was re-branded as TE Media in 2012. TE Media operates as a digital media production company - actively developing and producing multi-platform content (film, television, mobile, gaming). Currently, TE Media's development slate includes several formats, features and interactive documentaries.

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