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28 Oct 2013

Karlyn Percil on encouraging women to live an authentic life

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Karlyn Percil, a St. Lucian native and leader in Toronto’s Black Community is hosting the first public SisterTalk event on November 16th.

21 Oct 2013

A conversation with the founder and head of Redemption Reintegration Services, Victor Beausoleil

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Redemption Reintegration Services is credited with having one of the lowest recidivism rates in the world for recent young offenders. The founder of this groundbreaking organization is a 30-year-old husband and father of four.  

02 Oct 2013

The Christian Women of Hope - Planting a Seed

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Since 2011 a group of Christian women came together to study God’s word, and from these meetings decided they also want to help girls who are among the most vulnerable in Canada and around the world. 

11 Sep 2013

Community Empowering Event (CEE) unveils their Signature Style

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ByBlacks.com spoke with Shereen Ashman, Entrepreneurship Programs Coordinator at Community Empowering Events (CEE), about the upcoming event Signature Style, to talk about the work the organization is doing in the GTA.

11 Sep 2013

Am I my brother’s keeper? The founders of Young & Potential Fathers (YPF) Initiative would say yes.

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YPF provides a space called the Ujima House, where men from the African Diaspora can come and feel supported by their peers. Ujima is Swahili for Collective Work and Responsibility.

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