02 Jun 2015

Oily Skin Hacks: How to Stay Looking Cute in Your #SummerSelfies

Montreal poutine dripping in gravy with thick cheese curds. Canadian peameal sizzling in the pan. My forehead at noon. What do these three things have in common? I love them all, but they are all sooooo greasy! 

This is something I hear so often myself, my friends and my clients say: “My skin is sooooo greasy!” While a certain amount of sebum is a good thing because it can help keep our skin looking young and fresh, most of us don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy worrying about our oily skin. This is why I’m sharing with you my best tips that are really focused on minimizing oily skin. If you follow consistently at least one of my three favourite #OilySkinHacks, you will find that you can fully enjoy your summer without worrying about looking greasy on your #InstaSelfies!

It is critical to keep our skin moisturised despite the oiliness. When your skin feels tight, especially after you wash it, it usually means that your skin is dehydrated = needing water. But here’s the kicker: when your skin lacks water, it will start producing more OIL as a way to bring back the “moisture”. Why? Because your skin cannot produce water; it can only absorb water internally when you drink it, or absorb water externally when you apply a moisturiser on your skin.

So less water in your skin = more OIL on your skin. YIKES!

This is one of the many other reasons you should drink water regularly during the day: it can help fight off oily skin too! You can also opt for a super light, oil-free hydrating serum like Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum that you can put on your face right before bedtime. It’s by far one of the best hydrating serums I’ve tried in my life; my skin drinks it up real good every night. And I wake up with fresh-looking, hydrated and PLUMPED skin in the morning.


And if your face happens to feel tight in the morning after cleansing, you can also spray a bit of thermal water like Avène Thermal Spring Water before you apply your makeup to help keep your skin hydrated without adding something that can feel heavy or will make your skin look oilier.


One of the best things you can start doing is to carry around an #OilySkinArsenal to help manage the greasiness throughout the day.

Now, an arsenal may sounds big and mighty (and heavy), but actually your #OilySkinArsenal only consists of two items: blotting papers (I’ve been a heavy user of Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens for years) and a blotting powder like Cover FX Blotting Powder in Deep or MAC Blot Powder Pressed in Dark or Deep Dark. Blotting papers are designed to absorb the extra oil without disturbing the makeup. As for blotting powders, not only are they light in application, but they also feel light on your skin. They are designed to be patted on the skin gently to help absorb oil without looking cakey #GoodStuff.

Summer is the perfect time to ditch the heavier powder and liquid foundations to let your skin BREATHE. Of course, your skin may still require a bit of coverage and that’s cool: that’s where fantastic multitasking products like BB creams and tinted moisturisers suitable for brown skin come in.

I’m personally a big fan of Bronze Cosmetics’ BB Cream. This BB is noteworthy (and try-worthy) because not only is it a Canadian product from Montreal, but the product is made of natural and organic ingredients, is EcoCert certified (which is the strictest eco-certification in the world), and the shade selection works with a wide variety of skin tones, including South East Asian skin tones (try BB Cream Shades #7 and #8) and dark to deep skin tones (with BB Cream shade #9). I use shade #7 and this BB Cream kept my skin looking flawless and matte even after an intense spinning class at Quad. My makeup survived the workout; my legs didn’t. Bronze’s BB Cream is a must-try product for anyone looking for an all-natural, natural-looking and natural-feeling skincare product that is perfect for the summer months.

What are your favourite ways to stay matte, especially during the warm summer months? Tweet me @belleviewbeauty with the hashtag #oilyskinhacks, I’d love to know how you manage your oily skin this summer!


AVÈNE: Drugstores
BOSCIA: Sephora and sephora.ca
BRONZE COSMETICS: Select Shoppers Drug Mart locations in the Greater Toronto Area and online at bronzecosmetics.com
CAUDALIE: Select Jean Coutu locations, Sephora and sephora.ca
COVER FX: Shoppers Drug Mart, select Sephora locations and sephora.ca
MAC: MAC stores, Hudson’s Bay and macccosmetics.com

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