06 Dec 2016

Ditch Your Black Coat This Winter

Winter’s coming! (Thanks Jon Snow.) But, for real, it’s coming, it's already here in some parts. And if you’re like most women, you’re thinking of “buying a black coat ‘cause it goes with everything, right?” Wrong.

I will advocate for ‘all black everything’ any day but here’s the thing. Winter is dark already (less daylight hours) why make it gloomier? Why not go blackless with your coat this winter season. Take a Step away from the proverbial black and go for some colour. No need for drastic neon measures. Burnt Orange. Mustard Yellows. Baby steps. Because while it won’t trump the darker days, it’s a fact that brighter colours positively impact our moods than that of darker colours. 

Before going blackless, there are two things to take into consideration.

Skin tone: the reduced sun light results in a change in our skin tone during the winter months. This and the fact that there are colours that compliment your skin tone better than others, must be considered when going blackless in coat. Given there’s ‘nuff fabric on a coat, it’s critical that the right colour is selected

Body Shape: yep, over-sized coats are in. Look everywhere, and there they are. Same with capes and ponchos. However, ponchos are one of those trendy items that may not work for your athletic or pear shaped body. A coat sits on top of an existing set of clothes. Don’t risk looking frumpy all winter. Keep your size in check when going for a blackless coat

Here are six blackless coats I’m digging for this winter. Have a look and let me know what you think.


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