Devon Jones

Devon Jones

14 Nov 2014

I feel like I have had to say this at least 3 times a week for the last month. So I figured it was only fitting that I write about it since it seems to be the theme. 

17 Oct 2014

This week marks one year since I decided to leave my corporate job. A job where I liked my co-workers, got along great with my boss, and got paid a lot of money to do not a lot of work with full benefits and lots of parties!

Surprised to hear this from me? Yes my legs are lean, just like the women on my father’s side. But they still rub together no matter how many squats and leg lifts I do they will always be this way for it is their natural shape.

Accountability seems to be one of the hardest things for humans to comprehend.

When trying to lose weight, get fit and/or maintain your fitness level, cravings tend to get in the way.

Working out in a public setting can be intimidating.

05 May 2014

I could never understand why people put limits on where and how they should meet.

 “Cause girls look so good but their minds are not ready, I don’t know….” - KRS One, Criminal Minded

I found out about 10 years ago

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