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18 Sep 2016

Top 10 Stress Busting Tips

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Getting sick more often than usual? Not sleeping well? Gaining weight yet eating less? 

21 Aug 2016

Olympic Treatment Tricks - Can They Work For You?

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With millions of Canadians having tuned in to the Rio Olympics, many have seen their favorite athletes covered in bright coloured tape or covered in welts that resemble circular bruises as seen on American swimmer, Michael Phelps.

14 Aug 2016

You Need A Mini Trampoline In Your Life

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Rebounding or mini trampolining is not just for kids and it’s not just for fun. This fun and effective way to exercise produces feel good hormones (endorphins), increases the metabolism and creates health benefits that are numerous and long lasting.

14 Aug 2016

5 Ways Castor Oil Can Make Your Life Better

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If you grew up in the Caribbean you probably have memories about having to use castor oil as a laxative at some point in your lives.

06 Aug 2016

How A Nursery Rhyme Can Improve Your Squat

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Remember when you were a kid and you sang this song? “Head and shoulders, Knees and toes, Knees and toes, Knees and toes”. 

15 Jul 2016

Fear Of Concussions: Should I Let My Child Play Contact Sports?

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The number of young people suffering concussions has been steadily rising. In 2015, Statistics Canada reported that 23 per cent of adolescents had sustained a head injury. With the increase of media coverage, concussions in sports has been getting a lot of attention. 

07 Jul 2016

6 Ways To Take Control Of Your Health Right Now

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There's not a day that has gone by recently where I don't hear about someone getting sick or being diagnosed with yet another disease. We're a society that appears to be getting sicker and sicker and yet the power is in our hands to change it. 

09 Jun 2016

What Does Fit Look Like?

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I really appreciate the feedback and sharing of my last article on being told “Don’t put on too much muscle”. 

07 Jun 2016

Managing PMS Without Medication

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While on a tea date with a friend last week our conversation landed on managing PMS symptoms and how we can rid ourselves of them completely.

09 May 2016

What Men Really Mean When They Say "Don't Put On Too Much Muscle"

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My strength, muscles and men’s view of them, seem to be the running theme this week. Why are men still so surprised when women are strong? I’ve had male clients look at me like I’m insane when I do a move or lift a weight that they apparently didn’t think I should be able to perform or lift.

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