23 Jan 2018

We're Engaged! Now What?: 3 Essential Decisions To Jump Start Your Wedding Planning

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“Oh my god! I just got engaged!” Whether your engagement comes as a total surprise or you are kind of expecting it, when it happens you are on cloud nine. But, once you come down from that euphoric high, reality hits.

14 Jan 2018

The Nightmare Trip To A Dream Destination

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Hellllllllooooooooooo Hawaii! I can't really say that Hawaii has always been on my radar. I figured it was nice there, but I had no clue how many islands there were, things that I should do etc. The only thing that I really knew was it was going to be expensive. So let me start out by saying, if you are looking for a budget vacation, I'm gonna kindly ask you to keep flying right past Hawaii!  I was going to write a separate post about my experience trying to get to Hawaii. I would have titled it 'You Are The Devil…

14 Jan 2018

Fab Four Shares Their New Year Goals

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The ladies of Fab Four Fashion are excited to bring you another year of living out loud fabulously and fearlessly. Here's a look at how each of these women are upping their game in 2018.

03 Jan 2018

Hot Or Not - How To KickStart Your Sex Life

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One of the biggest complaint in a relationship after the honeymoon period is that someone is not in the mood.

30 Dec 2017

Three Cocktails To Spice Up Your NYE Celebration

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Before the bubbly and off key singing of auld lang syne at midnight, there is the warm up cocktail.

22 Nov 2017

How I Got Out Of The 30's Slump

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I read about so many people saying that once they turn 30, they had their coming of age or should I say, “Voila!” moment.

10 Sep 2017

Are You Prepared For a Travel Emergency?

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On July 17th I was booked on a return flight from London (Gatwick to Toronto).

14 Aug 2017

Black Canadians, It's Time To Claim Our Space In The Great Outdoors

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Camping, cottaging, and hiking are not leisure activities typically associated with Black people. Stereotypes abound that we don’t swim, hike, or venture out into untamed nature just for the fun of it.

11 Aug 2017

From Pop-Up Shop to Restaurant, Gushi is What We Dig's Latest Delight

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This week, our adventure took us to Gushi for some serious Japanese fusion.

03 Aug 2017

Cluck Clucks Legendary Fried Chicken

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We had a friend from out of town come and visit us recently. Obviously, being a good Torontonian and a good host, we decided to take our guest on a tour of Toronto nightlife.

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