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04 Aug 2015

How To Take Advantage of A Twitter Chat

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What’s a Twitter chat anyway? It’s a live event where people attach a hashtag to their tweets to discuss a particular topic.

01 Jun 2015

5 Cheap And Creative Ways to Market Your Small Business

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One of the biggest challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses today is marketing their business effectively.

21 Apr 2015

10 Common Web Design Mistakes

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Most small businesses now understand the importance of having a website as part of their brand strategy and for building their business.

20 Jan 2015

Your Logo’s Color Is Sending a Message, And You May Not Like It

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Many consider parenting rebellious teens as the toughest job one can possibly have. After you read the first sentence, I sense nods of approval or the willingness to testify by some.

21 Dec 2014

Why Christmas Is One Of The Worst Times To Pitch Your Story To The Media

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You’ve got some extra time on your hands and you’re thinking hey, now might be a good time to pitch my story to one of those cool morning TV shows I’m always watching. Stop right there. 

11 Dec 2014

Show Don't Tell! Why Your Content Is Getting Ignored

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I recently conducted a survey to determine some of the problems entrepreneurs face when trying to creatively market their businesses and build their brands online.

02 Jul 2014

Décor Can Make Or Break Your Wedding

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Recently I attended an absolutely beautiful wedding in downtown Toronto at the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex.

04 Jun 2014

The Risks of Masking Your IP - Are VPNs legal?

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Do you watch US TV using a VPN? You may want to read this….

15 Feb 2014

3 Top Things to Guarantee a Successful Event!

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“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”, Benjamin Franklin

08 Oct 2013

7 key tips on what not to wear on a TV interview

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When doing TV interviews, like it or not, how you look is the top priority.

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