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08 Jul 2015

Why Every Family Should Have Critical Illness Insurance

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The rationale for purchasing life insurance is pretty simple and obvious, you want to make sure that in the event of your premature death your family won't be saddled with debt or struggle financially. 

19 Jun 2015

How To Choose An Accountant

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No matter the size of your business, or its cash flow position, a business owner should never be without an accountant. 

17 May 2015

Get a Round Tuit Today

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Most of us are well intentioned hard working Canadians, we go to work or run our businesses with vim and vigor, we want to provide for our families and create a bright and prosperous future. 

21 Apr 2015

Spring clean your finances

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Spring is in the air and like most Canadians you are probably engaged in spring cleaning, throwing out stuff you don’t want, getting rid of the clutter built up over the winter, and maybe buying new stuff like patio furniture, garden supplies or a new Bar B Q.

01 Apr 2015

2014 – New tax credits/deductions

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Here are a few reminders to ensure that you get the maximum refund, owe no money at all to CRA, or pay the least amount of taxes.

01 Apr 2015

8 Tried and True Tax tips

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Here are tried and true tax tips, irrespective of the tax year, that will ensure you maximize your refund, minimize your tax bill, or the best option where you neither owe nor get a refund.

28 Mar 2015

Charity begins at home

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When I am not busy protecting families with Life & Critical Illness insurance, I host a radio show on a Toronto radio station every Saturday night, and last week I played a song that got me thinking about what I do every day and why. The punch line to the song is “You’ve got to show me love”

12 Mar 2015

Tax Sheltering Your Investments Using Life Insurance

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If you have maxed out your RRSPs and used up all of your TFSA room; there are other options available which will allow you to continue to invest your money tax deferred.

16 Feb 2015

Your Ability To Earn Is The Main Concern

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Nobody wants to think about becoming disabled but it happens. Most people I have spoken to in my over 20 years working in the insurance industry were concerned about losing their job,

02 Feb 2015

Does the 40% include you?

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According to The Canadian Cancer Society a staggering 40% of all Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime.

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