07 Sep 2014

Difficult Conversations

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Recently I sat down to dinner with two of my clients and had an informal yet frank discussion about what kept them up at night.

04 Sep 2014

It's Your Money: Part 1

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A lot of people go through their life in denial about the importance of money in their lives or their ability to handle it.

11 Jul 2014

Graduation Day, are you prepared?

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Every parent wants their children to have the benefit of a college or university education.

01 Jul 2014

Life Insurance - The wealth generation tool often overlooked by many business owners

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Life insurance for many people, represents a grudge purchase, a necessary evil that is imposed on them.

04 Jun 2014

Renovator’s Green Guide: Decks & Patios

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In 2011, $63 billion was spent in the renovation sector in Canada, exceeding new home construction expenditures by approximately $20 billion.

04 Jun 2014

How Important is Rate?

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Often times, borrowers are fixated on their mortgage rate because it’s the one aspect of their home financing they know to ask about.

29 Mar 2014

The Walking Dead

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Most of us are familiar with the popular television series “The Walking Dead”. The show while totally fictional, gives great insight into how many humans behave – Just like the Walking Dead.

20 Feb 2014

Planning - The Only Option In The Absence Of A Crystal Ball

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It is difficult for anyone to face the possibility of disability, incapacity or loss of independence; however, everyone should plan for these eventualities.

04 Jan 2014

Turn your retirement savings into a guaranteed pension

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The RRSP deadline is just around the corner and many Canadians are thinking about putting money into their RRSPs and this is a good thing, because like it or not, all of us will, at some point in the future, retire (as in stop working) and will need income that will hopefully last until we depart this earth.

22 Nov 2013

Travel Insurance – Pack it before you pack your bags

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Winter is pretty much here and you are probably thinking of flying south (even for a few days) to a warm place to get away from the cold.

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