08 Mar 2015

Spring Has Sprung!!

The days are getting longer and eventually the snow will be melting. You are trying to make plans for the rest of year.

You've noticed your home is not meeting your upcoming changes and you are considering selling and either downsizing, upgrading or changing for a new locale.

Moving can be expensive and time consuming, and because of this, you may put the thoughts of a new place in the back of your mind. The difference this time is that, you have been telling yourself the same thing for the last couple of years.

This is your year! Moving does not have to be overwhelming and working with a respected Real Estate Sales Representative should make the transition easier on you.

Preparing your home for sale is somewhat like having a game plan. You need your players, which consists of your agent, your lawyer, a contractor (if you require any repairs or upgrades), and a mortgage representative. You need to know what you can qualify for and how you can go about achieving your new home .

Cleaning and Pre-moving (decluttering)

First and foremost, cleaning your home is the bare minimum activity necessary to sell your home. You have to think like the buyer; you would not want to enter your potential dream home to be welcomed to dirt and misplaced items. Hiring a cleaner will assist you with the process could be the best investment for the sale of your home.

Minor repairs

With any daily use of your home, there is bound to be some items which will need to be adjusted or repaired. If you are unable to fix them yourself, it's time to find a professional to make the repairs. A professional will ensure the problem is fixed and that it will not become an issue when you receive your offer. Your agent should have a few professionals to refer you to if required.


My motto is "it's more than a HOME, it's a LIFESTYLE". When you sell your home, you are selling the dream life to the buyer. You want them to envision themselves in the home and be willing to spend the money to be there. Staging can make a big difference in how quickly your home sells and for how much. According to some studies, homes that are well staged have sold for up to 17% more than similar properties. Staging can range from rearranging your furniture, changing some paint, or renting furniture. Your agent could be a stager or be in association with professional stagers to help give the extra appeal needed to sell your home.

Curb appeal

With the snow still here, it may be difficult for the buyer to see what is underneath it. If you have pictures of your property prior to the snow, make sure you provide your agent with a copy. This should be used in the marketing of your home. Make sure all the exterior lights are working, garage doors and doors are given a quick shot of a spray oil to make sure there is no squeaking, the walkway and driveways are cleared and salted.

Enlisting a Real Estate agent should be your first point of contact. Your agent will have the experience necessary to sell your home and allow you the freedom to live your life.

Studies have proven you have only a few seconds to make a good first impression and I would apply this same theory to the selling of your home.  The right price, right look, among other features will guarantee your home sold.

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