06 Dec 2016

Tips For Moving In Winter

Most people dread moving in the winter, and rightfully so. It's cold, it's messy and it makes the overall moving experience that much more unappealing.

With that being said, people do of course still move in the winter. Properties tend to actually drop in price around this time of the year- so if you are that lucky (or not so lucky, depending on how you look at it), here are a few tips to keep in mind while doing so:

1. Turn off the heat in your old home on your moving day. You will be going in and out a lot so keep it off during this time as to not waste heat and increase your last bill. (Dont forget to turn it back on once you are done.)

2. Keep a space heater around. Seeing as you will constantly be going in and out of the cold set up a "warm room" using a small heater in one room, with the door closed at all times, for a warm retreat when needed.

3. Make sure the heat and lights are on and set up in your new home so that you don't run into an unwelcoming surprise once you arrive on your moving day.

4. Check, confirm and double check the weather so that you know how to dress and what you will be up against while moving everything.

5. Clear the street, sidewalks, driveways and stairs (especially of ice). In this already difficult situation you don't want to give yourself any additional problems. A clear pathway will make things that much easier.

6. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment to make your job run smoothly (dolly, gloves, rope, some tools, bubble wrap, etc.).

7. Pack temperature sensitive items accordingly (what has to be packed first/last? What had to be unpacked first/last?).

8. Lastly, keep winter essentials with you in case of an emergency (blankets, coats, extra gloves, flash light, extra clothing, jumper cables).

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