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08 Aug 2017

Fashion + Function = Sneakers

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If there was a universally accepted “1+1” equation for what sneakers represent, she.lace proposes it should be this: Fashion + Function=Sneakers.

03 Aug 2017

Cluck Clucks Legendary Fried Chicken

Written by

We had a friend from out of town come and visit us recently. Obviously, being a good Torontonian and a good host, we decided to take our guest on a tour of Toronto nightlife.

02 Aug 2017

Fab Four Fashion Bares It All - On Loving Your Body By Any Means Necessary

Written by

We're thrilled to be joining ByBlacks.com as new fashion contributors. In our first post - we're baring it all.

27 Jul 2017

Here's Why Anyone Can Learn To Code

Written by

I’ve had countless conversations (in this case, let’s call my conversation partner Sam) that have gone something like this: 

18 Jul 2017

What We Dig Serves The Inside Scoop On The Authentic Mexican Fare At Maizal

Written by

We found Maizal after watching a game of rugby at Lamport Stadium. Walking into Maizal, you are greeted with a beautiful mural that is an homage to creating tortillas.

13 Jul 2017

How A Settlement Agreement Can Spare You The Stress Of A Lawsuit

Written by

In the past year, we have attended many settlement meetings, mediations (settlement meeting with a third neutral person) and pre-trials (settlement meeting with a judge). In each case, we spent a considerable amount of time with our client beforehand preparing a draft settlement agreement. In 97% of our matters, we have found that attending any form of settlement meeting with a prepared settlement agreement to share with the other side assists with negotiating the settlement. Here’s why.

11 Jul 2017

Why I Show My Daughter The Men Who Celebrate Black Beauty

Written by

I am not one of those mothers who tells her daughter to concentrate on her books and school and ignore boys until she is older.

30 Jun 2017

Changes To Federal Budget Aim To Lighten Load For New Parents

Written by

In the recently released new Liberal Budget, the current government has introduced a series of measures to help parents with children, as well as some significant changes in the area of taxation. 

26 Jun 2017

Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Make the World Your Child's Classroom

Written by

With another school year drawing to a close, many parents are faced with the yearly dilemma of “what now?” If you are working full-time, you’ll be looking for ways to keep the kids busy, teach them a thing or two and make sure they stay out of any trouble this summer.

18 Jun 2017

House Rich But Cash Poor? Fix Your Cash Flow Problem In 3 Simple Steps

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Being house rich and cash poor is absurd but, for many of us, the reality is that the end of the month means not enough cash inflow and too many outstanding expenses. Let’s face it, the costs of housing, childcare, and debt service have increased well over our take-home incomes in many cases.


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