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19 Oct 2019

Employees, Independent Contractors, and Dependent Contractors: Why The Difference Matters

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Legally speaking, workers are generally classified into different categories. These classifications have very significant implications on a number of rights that workers are entitled to.

30 Sep 2019

Five Things You Should Know Before Opening A Tax Free Savings Account

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One of the most common questions I get from my clients is about Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA). They are not sure what it is – is it a savings account? Is it an investment account? What is the point of it? Well, blame the government for the poorly named investment product. Let me clear up some misunderstandings about the TFSA, which can be a great vehicle for investing AND saving.

12 Sep 2019

What Canada's New Labour Laws Mean For You

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The federal government recently implemented a number of changes to the Canada Labour Code which largely favours federal employees in certain industries such as banks, fisheries, telecommunications, and interprovincial transportation companies.

06 Sep 2019

Why An RESP Is A Smart Investment In Your Child's Future

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September signals back to school, and while everyone’s thoughts are on school supplies, new gear, and learning, one thing is often overlooked: investing in higher education.

26 Aug 2019

The Long & Short of Style Take On African Fashion Week Toronto

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Photo: Gail & Leslie Thompson (The Long & Short of Style) at African Fashion Week 2019

22 Aug 2019

Don't Let a Construction Lien Ruin Your Real Estate Dreams. Here Are Your Options.

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The Pattersons hired “Joe Inc.”, a general contractor, to renovate their ground floor bathroom, kitchen, and front entranceway. As the project progressed, the Pattersons noticed a number of defects in the general contractor’s work. However, when they complained, nothing was done to resolve the problems.

22 Aug 2019

Selling Your Home? Try These 6 Tips For A Faster Sale

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Want a Quick Sale On Your Home? Who doesn't! Here are a few tips to assist with selling your home quickly. 

11 Aug 2019

Forget Fast Fashion - Make Your Wardrobe Last With These Simple Tips

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The key to increase the longevity of your wardrobe is on-going maintenance. There are a number of small but important steps to adopt after each wear. Having invested your hard earned money into your clothing, these easy to remember tips will always help your clothing look better.

10 Aug 2019

Love On Your Apple Shape With These Simple Styling Tips

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When I was in high school, there was this really popular song we used to dance to at parties. Went a little something like this; “Shawty had dem apple bottom jeans, bootz with the furrr, the whole club was looking at huurrr”. As you can see the lyricism was quite poetic and emotional.

31 Jul 2019

Finding The Type Of Life Insurance That's Just Right For Your Family

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In the children’s story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, she had to try out each of the beds to find the right fit for naptime. The same can be said for life insurance, you need to find the right one that fits you and your lifestyle.


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