14 Oct 2013

Behind a Health Temple

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Let my cells kiss the foundation of my temple, and let my temple give praise. How to establish and maintain a health temple starts within the systematic structure at cellular cycle.

16 Jan 2014

5 Things to look for in a Lease Agreement

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You may have chosen the site of your next home, and you're filled with the excitement of moving into your new space.

27 Aug 2013

Why Small Business Owners should invest in Segregated Funds

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Segregated funds are similar to mutual funds, but are sold only by life insurance companies. The funds are called Segregated Funds because they are kept separate from the rest of the insurance companies assets. In other words, these funds are kept separate from insurance premiums collected so that policyholders and contract holders are protected. 

09 Oct 2013

Becoming Mortgage Free Faster

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Regardless of how long you’ve had your mortgage or how large or small the current balance is, there are a variety of ways to make prepayments work for you to

01 Feb 2014

Get Shopping at Pomp & Pageantry

Written by

Shellie Williams, owner of one of my fave boutiques in Toronto inspires us with her story in this StylanceTV video.


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